Styling Murray Frost

Hello, During the 2017 Winter Season, Western Avenue Association, created a campaign surrounding a fictional character named: Murray Frost.  The Creative Team at CooperHouse directed and executed the campaign and invited Spencer Stone along to style the lead character.  Check out some of the behind-the-scenes captures from the styling session. The inspiration for the video was found in work by Wes Anderson.  Giving Murray the distinct visual appeal needed to make the “Winter on Western” campaign stand out. Watch the full video anytime here. Sincerely,

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The Elements of Winter Menswear

(Original post on BY GREG HORTON PHOTO BY J. CHRISTOPHER LITTLE When discussing winter fashion, the answer to the question “What trends can we expect?” usually begins with “layers.” That’s at least partly because it’s winter, obviously, but it’s also a popular way of approaching fashion, inasmuch as outerwear is just as important as the shirt or sweater underneath. For Jamicia Wylie of Gil’s Clothing and Denim Bar, it comes down to texture, as well. “I love layering plaid or printed shirts under chunky sweaters, paired with slim jeans or soft twill five-pocket styles,” she says. “A great jacket layered…

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Spencer Stone Room

Sincerely, Spencer Stone

Hello, It’s wonderful to meet you.  You know the smell of walking into a fine apparel store filled with expert craftsmanship of designer wool hats and fine Italian leather shoes?  If you’ve never been inside Spencer Stone, I welcome you.  Think of that smell.  Now merge that smell with the fresh open air of Nichols Hills in Oklahoma City.  With lush rolling green lawns, nestled under the clocktower, we are here to dress the modern gentleman to look sharp for any occasion. “The culture of a business starts at the top. When the owner of a business dedicates themselves to the…

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Spencer Stone Signature
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